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Project Experience

  • International forecasting tool development and macroeconomic impacts of EU Space Programmes Agency and Conceptual Framework development for the economic impacts of the space sector.

  • Simulation modelling consultation for the mining sector (critical minerals)

  • Agent Based Modelling for financial forecasting - NEST Pensions Corporation (Pensions)

  • System dynamics policy-level modelling of innovation diffusion

  • Discrete event modelling of supply chain factors

  • Innovation policy and regional / urban regeneration through developing university-business partnership projects

  • Macroeconomic impact analysis for UK Government (Depts for Business and Transport)

  • Conceptual model consultation for Dept of Culture Media and Sport

  • Contributions to:

    • Government Trade and Investment White Paper

    • House of Lords Select Committee on Soft Power and the UK's Influence

    • Digital Twin (Cyber Physical Infrastructure) consultation by Dept for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

  • Business intelligence development, for data science and data warehousing (for Smith and Nephew and Crest Nicholson)

  • Exploration of International Trade Issues -- eg Government Procurement Agreements (GPA)
    in WTO rules applied to GATT services trade
     for European Commission in representation to US Dept of Commerce

  • Public Relations management in the the film industry (Icon Film Distribution Ltd via Share Jesus International, London)

  • Cost benefit analysis for the European Commission and UK Government

  • Industry supply-demand market growth simulation in mobile telecoms markets using system dynamics and econometrics (for EU client with CGI [Logica], Telefónica, Telecom Italia)

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