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International Policy Dynamics offers
independent advisory and research
services in the following areas:


  • Policy modelling and macroeconomics using simulation modelling (Agent Based, system dynamics, discrete event)

  • Underpinning data science development

  • Innovation diffusion modelling

  • Market analysis and growth modelling

  • Econometrics and Cost benefit analysis







All decisions involve the application of mental models.  Formal models can help to clarify the dynamic consequences inherent in structural assumptions and prevent adverse or ineffective policy implementations.


Most social, economic and business situations are more dependent on how the major sub-components are related than the internal details of organisational units.

In today's complex world, problem solving requires the application of synthetic thinking more than analytic thinking - Business Synthetics.





From the rigours of formal modelling and the requirement to synthesise the various parts, testable insights can emerge that were not otherwise available.




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